Cushh - Fabulous

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They copy my style wanna be like me<br />

Everyday I dress like I'm on tv<br />

That's just me, fabulous me<br />

Everywhere you go people stop and stare<br />

Whispering and talking but you don't care<br />

That's just me, fabulous me<br />

<br />

Never worry about what people say about you (oh)<br />

Oh you trendsetting you wearing your colours bright blue (oh)<br />

<br />

I'm fabulous glamorous look at me interesting<br />

I'm fabulous (hey hey) fabulous (hey hey )<br />

In fashion latest trends best shoes on from louis vuitton<br />

I'm fabulolus (hey hey) fabulous (hey hey)<br />

<br />

They're loving my dresses yeah they're loving my hair<br />

A little bit of passion and a touch of flair<br />

That's just me, fabulous me<br />

VIP passes and the hottest clubs<br />

Cameras autographs show me the love<br />

That's just you, fabulous you

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