CURREN$Y - Ventilation

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Uh, White carpet in my scarface house

No undergarments on my star-faced spouse

My Abita

twistin reefer

and delivering that dough

to the front door,

like a pizza

Carrying her own weight

Financially she don't need me

She just in love with a real nigga

continuously weeded

At my undisclosed location

My growth space,

is readin

up on vintage V-12 engines

and the greatest strains this season

And I grind, for that very reason

The toxic air that i'm breathin'

Will leave the average man weakened

Watermarks still on the houses,

as I drive by em

crack the sunroof, let a cloud out it.

Trill shit

Next time I vacate

I'm bringin' all my cars on the plane with me

Lord say the same, we gone make it

and show our folks

how to make them millions

Grappling hooks scaling the building

Rap with no hooks

I'm high,

high is you feeling?

Captain Hook

Wilding n Ceiling

Don't go stealing

That shit hurt

I know the feeling

These niggas will borrow your style

like you wasn't about to go do nothing with it

Thats why I only kick it with real niggas,

like Dom Kennedy,

and people I aint gotta name

cause' they was probably here gettin high with me

If you don't know where to put it at,

then don't ride with it

all day they try to lose you in the system

for some weed in my city

in the harp, ain't no love or no pity

looking for charity?

If that dog don't hunt,

don't come in the woods with it.

Jet Life

Thanks to dre for correcting these lyrics

Thanks to ryan for correcting these lyrics

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