CURREN$Y - The Plug

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(Spitta Andretti)


Carefree confidential!

Information in these files will probably kill ya

Guard it with yo life

This shit I'm givin' ya, super pure snow white

Step on it mo' than twice, it'll still come out right

We sling it every night, iTunes neva closes

Move in unison, four in the mornin'

Fuck is ya doin'? Hatin' instead of goin' fo' it

Mad at the playa, throwin' rocks at the scoreboard

Oh boy, I'm in my new toy

With my new bitch, we smokin' hella noise

Oh, that's that loud shit

I always gas it out, come through, mafia

Make my profits rise, ya can't stop these guys

Being red lights barricades a yield sign

Run through that wack ass defensive line

Then get mine, add that paper up

Subtract the suckers, then we split the pie

Corporation neva die, alright


In that Porsche lookin' like I play sports

In that Lamb bitches sayin' that I'm the man

In that Bentley lookin' like heaven sent me

Ferrari horses buildin' castles in the sand

Uh, I do it fo' my city cause I love them

I stunted on ya bitch befo' I fucked 'er

Lookin' fo' the plug, ya ain't know I was one

I'm the coldest muthafucka rap hustlin'

(Verse 2)

My OG gave me this golf hat

I'm posted up not 2 far from where he bought that

I came threw clownin' I know ya saw that

With my rags out back and my baseball cap

Back yard where my swimmin' pool and dawgs at

Patio furniture, I'm taking weed naps

Big money dice game, in the bizzzack of the huzzzap

I'm in eva corner rizzzaps

Rep the set throw up, Jeps I know ya see that

Gatherin' stack, we tourin' the mizap

Champagne came with the game

Along with the bitches, they attracted to the fame

Like moths drawn to the flame, can't even blame

Human nature is the pursuit of paper

They know my name, they know it mean money

Free C Murder, sincerely yours, see money



I stunted on yo bitch befo' I fucked her x8

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