CURREN$Y - The Candy Lady's Crib...

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Bitches know the planes got it

Bitches know the planes got it

Bitches know the planes got it

And where havent havent we uhn

Vinnie Johnston get in the game, lay put up points quick microwave

Industry coruption they tryin to point shaves

Dummie down, why, when my audience is just as smart as I

If you saw me, told somebody I bet they thought you were lying

Fly where never in the space I'm in

Never roll round corners that I've been

High driving impalla slams, sparks flickin, trippin, scrapin the off ban,

Fuck it nothin of it my mechanic is the man, and them

Hit em on the jack, the part replace that, asap that's that mothafucker

Like a deffintion, O.GS watch me I'm a flow right out the television

New aero bills reverse sitchin I'll I will re-invent the wheel

Prerequisite, intellagence plus sexiness canidate to be a jet miss

Queen for a day put cha on the foor of the mardi gras parade

High and she smiling wave

Brush up on it, get the rust off your moves my lil poney

Which ya fine ass cold bottle and my grape cool aid and my wine glass

Smokin amsterdam green with my fresh blue number 9's

And my red headed honey from burmease

Lip stick smears, pass port stamps, eyes simease cat lady the trance

Shineing in my Marijuana trance

Bull shit still waiti on me when I get back

Deal with it don't run

Square it up burn down another one

You goin to the candy ladys crib wontcha bring me somthin

Yea, yea, yea jets fool

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