CURREN$Y - Stainless

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[Verse 1]

Wishing for a steak eating on a kit kat

And yo bitch ain't shit my lil homie hit that

He let his patnas flip that brung it through the set

Told him that I couldn't do nothin with that she riff raff

Bring that bitch back

I'm pretty sure her duck ass waitin' to pick that up

Dust her off he missing that he fucking up

Ho going hammer like the speakers in the truck

Ain't nobody but us if you want know where get that real killa from

These opium raps blue magic in the drums

Vacuum lung kush dracula

You'll live forever fucking with us

Impressions ever lasting

Moving on up we the crew them suckers mad at

I dont give a fuck loud weed loud laughing

Ya'll making excuses and I make it happen

Ya'll acting and I'm actually in action


There's something bout a nigga like me

New orleans bossed up J.E.T

Neighborhood kids lookin up to em

Bad bitches stayin true to em

Niggas tryin to do em

But they can't do nothin to em

Cuz he like stainless steel

Only hatin on him because he keep it way too real

I don't know why but he just so fly

Inspiration in the clouds as I ride by em

[Verse 2]

Spitta get up on them beats sky high

Killing niggas like a drive by

Controlled flow no wild fire

If it's meant for ya I deliver like a sniper

Fire right between yo eyes no liar

Came up with these rhymes one night in my spyder

Cruisin my city I ain't go in the club for five minutes

I just parked on side of it leaned on my exotic

Chopped it with my compadres conspiring

On how to take the back and not trip the sirens

Jets ain't just the pilot

Anybody repping my set

Trained and certified in the flyness

Theres more to this then yo clothes lil bro

Even tho I look cool in these threads

I make moves with a level head

Rolling up in a lincoln with some snoop playing thinkin bout..


Thanks to Andy for correcting these lyrics

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