CURREN$Y - One For Da Wave

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Got my bitch she shot gun

A pizza and a cola

While she play her position in the mirror watching them rollers

And I'm smoking the potent

Driving roasted like it's stolen

On the road to the riches if you wonder where I'm goin

I make a fortune from flowing

It's gonna happen I know it

Fool I told you so

Don't be surprised cause I'm rollin

Few styles been stolen

Don't think that I haven't noticed

But a couple of nuggets ain't much to this fucking grower

I can get you some morer

This audio dope

I got what chu need plus way morer

Underneath the floorboards

I represent no love

Suckas get no love

Homie only no others he don't really know us

Momma have that rolled up before I roll over

Jet life best life

Good mornings wild nights

It's flashing lights

Racing stripes

If her head right

I got no problem booking her flight

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