CURREN$Y - Luxury Sport ft. Sir Michael Rocks

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A lot niggas talk shit jet niggas talk rich

Buy another crib pumpin at the drive top in front of that bitch

F*ck the bitch any bitch who you want take you p

But you gonna have to take your time baby tryin taking shit

You take advice from your nigga an old G been through it ..

In the .. chevry man race and slicks and your girl ..

Taking flicks champagne rain on the window circle

This is it yeah man you’re with that ..

now this aint’ the only thing dope is the rhymes close the ..mane

no see on the jet that’s a ..for what the show the rose to blime ..

strape triple low like a thousand

oh don’t ..down ..

niggas ain’t peaceful as me not at all

sold me to the struggle they ..any ball

you try to stack the rise they ..through the foe

my ..payin tricks on me

get up boys where my rich girls twist for me

..bones on their Cadillac’s they .. on me

Double my girl put the tickets for me

No charge like myself quit on me

Flight the mamas babies tricking on me

So .. miss and ..don’t ever try to f*ck em

You see how they done em couldn’t now ..

Reason of security cameras sort coming

Might flirt with a girl but i’m married to the money

.. i’m a proud husband runnin

My Dog the God’s we know the evil the ego bleeds

I’m sitting at the round table let me see no beast

If you ain’t a lot nigga you won’t eat

I won’t see your peace your name ain’t on the list

You ain’t signing that list so may your name on the whip

Go chain your .. know my dick

Play niggas be blaming me I’ll blame on the combo

I don’t know got some band go on the condo

She in the streets like .. in Chicago

The only time she see interests is ..

Cause gold niggas pay attention when you got dope

They say the time you figure all light ..

I know some niggas on .. so I’m writing winter

Is mister pose for the picture

my wee smell good like a rose in the switcher

we at the .. for lunch

jump out the V with the functions

glass boss spill with punch we killing bills at the wallet

take a pill everybody ..i step up the crib and get out

.. round of applause boy nigga get ball

Let’s give an answer powerful man

Ain’t claps with a nigga with rats

Ain’t givin in back

Stay out the fall like i’m sitting the facts

We can snap the .. and climb inside of my ..

D with the brush guards especial the love cars

Niggas step ..what’s up

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