CURREN$Y - Living for the City

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Living just enough for the

yeah yeah

just enough for the

Living jsut enough for the

Just send it

Uh peanut butter leather

Brown liquor, couple sips, keep it together

Weed lit, sunroof lifted slightly

Gently tail the driver with murder gloves in my car 'cause I'm killing it

Premium preserves in my jar, I've been getting it

From where if you ain't a member then you ain’t getting in

Smoke to the fact that we be getting it

Higher than the ceilings in the penthouse’s we living in

Boy you better get your bitch, over here

Taking pictures of the whips, asking us

What we gonna get into after it's badgering us

Life I chose why your women act like hoes

I know, this just a game I play when I get bored

Eh, uh, living just enough for the

High up just enough for the

uh, living just for the

never gave a, yeah.

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