CURREN$Y - Light Snax

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A lime to a lemon my Jetset Women

Say she only feel alive when she wit em

Jet Life tryna show she ride or die even if it kill her

I guess thats why I dig her

She throwin up the set in all her pictures

I come get her

Smoke dilla through the cracked window

Heavy conversation light dinner

Destination and into the navigation

A gps we here in an out of state rental

Underneath the moon and stars riding to that krizzle

You like that sound

Thats my nigga he from Mississippi

I be on tour with him you should come along with us

Champagne flutes cheese crepes and fruit

Fuck you know

Four seasons brunch

Rolling a joint hitting buffet tables the fuck up

Get you back to your man before he knows whats what

Your friends hating on you saying you lucked up

A lime to a lemon my jetset women

They allow me to get in where ever I fit in

I stop by we be chillin' I get high wit em

She caught three nuts but she never catch feelings

And bitch with that disposition we can count millions

I see that in ya got that 420 vision

'98 livin' these iceberg sweats got 20 racks in em

Light Snacks

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