CURREN$Y - Life Instructions

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Patty cake patty cake I'm baked my man

Kick it on your street like bad Chris and them garbage cans

Awww man, them bitches think I'm ballin

So they behaving differently when I be in New Orleans

I'm falling back off her, they crawling back on them

Not half way complaining just making a true statement

Which quite basically is was missing from this game we in

Create the world in which you trying to live in kid

Some of my friends passed away some of my homies doing bids

But best believe I take bring em with me anywhere I is

What a hater say will never affect the way I live

Or where I go, just make me fuck they bitches in they crib

The game I got was raw and given to him by slim

Referring to himself in the third when he on them herb

Make sure I don't park outside in the streets

But don't get too close to the curb

JeT life too high for them birds

[Smoke D.Z.A]

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