CURREN$Y - Jetsgo

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Never will it stop

.. motors will trip it to your block it won't race

.. I leave you by a couple blocks blow the doors

break all the fucking locks nigger you know my ..

spit it and ready peddle and heavy you know I speed

minus the bus and ..Reeves bitch breath

your man is smoking good I am smoking great

.. just caught that Ferrari but I still have the Lamborghini ..

fall from the ceiling to the floor .. tot he door ..

you are made up sick me and your girl is just a bonus ..

fuck my realms up make the real .. that's how we do it big enough for us to live it

...collecting dope and .. snatch your bitches bring them everywhere you wanna go

… fuck mad bitches for all the days i'll never ...changing the weather by ..

gotta shoe me the Louis .. these niggers .. swap your credit cards

.. while we bring the … made up not pimping what you gave her

.. Mike Tyson the biggest niggers get beat by little women

.. try to be more flow calculated .. machine gonna phone …

you know the game .. your chick .. let the .. save her .. cars and vacations<br />

<br />

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