CURREN$Y - In The Sun

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Painting these lyrics from a hammock

With an ounce of kush, a pack of Bambus

And an ice cream sandwich

I'm that dude, game given to you from an OG point of view

Usually I sell it, but I got enough to share

With you. Baby, if you're cooking

Roll that weed, I'll be so heavy with you

Fuck you so good, if I'm cheating it won't matter to ya

You know how daddy do ya, Spitta make them jet maneuvers

Hop out the club, don't call valet

We'll get a chance to move it

I'm out before I hear the music

That's how quick them hoes be choosing

I don't call it

Pussy be calling to me, homeboy

I don't know who did what

Cause I was in the cut, rolling tropical

Sitting low as possible

Relax in the sun

Low as possible

[French Montana]

Shawty's pussy be the meanest

I be balling all arenas, homie

Awesome, wearing beanies

I mean this when I tell you I don't want it

But I need it, they be knowing the procedures

Shawty yelling from the bleachers

Got me reaching like a ?

Too hard, ski mask and suit on

5 chains, canaries help me cool off

Tool off, Camaro like Larry Flynt

Block star, rock star

Montana Aerosmith, 45th

Homie, niggas dying, I be flying out

Feds on my nigga's tail, they hiding out

Montana sliding out

Baby, don't be fucking with my hot

Southern nigga's drive

I be low as possible, time to clear my mind

Montana bitch


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