CURREN$Y - I Don't Fucks With Em

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Uh yea,

Grand national regal speeder,

Americanoo magazine readers,

Peep me in the fashion feature,

My name spitta nice to meet ya,

Wuts yo name, that's pretty I get you to the crib for I forget it

We kick it for a minute,

But I'll kick ya out if I feel you tryna know to much of my business baby so chill out,


Go to the sauna to cool out,

We blow chronic in the pool house wut you know about it,

Chevy "F" body cameros,

Louisiana license plate we park em on melrose,

New york pad pop california spot next,

But I guess I play the telly for the mean in between mr clean kicks,

Spent a couple "G's" in supreme,

Paintins on my walls autographed jearseys and some flat screens,

Smoove could dive in the water without splashin,

Have you ever seen a shark with some wings,

Word to these jordon 12,

I'm in a taxi talkin to tidy B on the cell business as usual,

Treacherous industry the musical,

Heavy form in the game will do it to you but I keep it reduced to bud crumbs,

Under my cuticles,

Flippin on who ever guererro juventud wcw rappers,

This shit trill and ya'll playin,

But that's expected from children wut am I sayin


On the grind made something from nothing so niggas will hate it (niggas will hate it),

Try and play me on some sucka shit oh cause I don't Fuck with you lately,

Money on my mind you can name a place I just bought a plane,

And I'm on my way there (on my way there)

I'm smokin while I roll another one baby (baby baby)

They say I spit that pistol grip poetry,

It's just the loc in me,

On my hip is 12 zeros after a quarter key,

9 double "M" for you niggas that's not as cold as me,

Dope cause I'm supposed to be,

Slauson were my soldiers be,

My story is ocean deep and my coast is controled by me,

Bitches that ain't notice me now file my nails and lotion feet,

I'm buzzin uncontrolably,

Richer than with no release,

Most of these rappers that's feelin like they is the golden C,

H.I.L.I. to the D go ask yo bitch who fly as me,

Fly as we Wiz Khalif Curren$y they certainly,

Heard of me,

Heard of we they beat the track while I merk the beat,

Next time I sign I need atleast a bail for a murder beef,

Fuck they web they searchin me I'm blowin up insurgency,

9 11 portia and my car is an emergency,

Carmen Sandiago were the hell on the earth is he probly some were gettin westanonamis with Curren$y

Hussle, marijuana

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Friday 14th of June 2013 18:49
9 11 Porsche*