CURREN$Y - Hennessy Beach

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[Hook x2: Dom Kennedy]

My niggas trying hard to get it

We making sure the cars is tinted

I'm making sure the broads is with it

I hit her with the extra large addiction

[Verse 1: Dom]

Clicquot, hope you hoes is all legal

I take the most thickest and leave the rest with my people

Guns kill niggas and her pussy is lethal

Raised in West Philly, her favorite team is the Eagles

Got one dog, I think that shit is a beagle

She dress like one of them girls at Fred Segal

Totally! I just make her buy a bunch of clothes for me

Then we go out to eat, I order steak with the rosemary

Before we in the house, I be digging in the hosiery

She goes for me. I put that on the father and the rosary

The older we become, life is just begun

You like how that drink taste?

Mix it with some pre-cum

I hang around millionaires cause I could really be one

If you don't understand that, you are really D-umb

If you know a nigga real as me, I would like to see one

A couple homies locked away, I hope this city free 'em

Goin' to the pros, I'm tired of playing D-1

Can't stay in the same place, life is not a re-run

I broke out, hit it one time, then I choked out

When the plane land, that mean Spitta in here smoked out

Tortoise shell frames on, yeah niggas Loc'd out

Can't wait to bring the '62 with the spokes out

Cause it's all in our reach

I be waiting for you nigga, right here

On Hennessy Beach

[Verse 2: Curren$y]

Now I never had a glass of Hennessy in my life

I can't lie... but I did have a shot of XO this morning

Shout out for the housewarming gift

They sent that over to the crib

I didn't drive over here, not drinking and driving

Tish brought me... aite...

Sand in my Nike Cortez, beach front home

Cause I was stacking and playing the back, all along

Niggas is dead over raps gone over songs

I'm rolling something Herculean

Trees past strong like it gotta be on 'roids, boy

Here's another hit, that Barry Bonds

Spitta know how to treat a woman, sugar

Cut all that real girl shit out, I prove it to ya

Versace Medusa, I get

Highed up to do my work. I'm a roofer

Instead of paying attention you niggas paying

Them bitches. That's why you in that position

Looking up at the jets, waving bye

Straining your eyes cause we satellite high

In 1997, I dreamt about riding around in Porsche 911's

Now I'm plotting, opening a car lot to sell em

My bottom bitch saw it all go down

But she never tell it...

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