CURREN$Y - Full Metal

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I call my brothers suckers each time I like

New time I last on the …

Maneuver and mind gt5 my nerves is ice

And I wouldn't change none of that that have sight

Believe this cause if wouldn't have been that then I wouldn't be this

Inspiration for niggers who are after chasing that paper

Walking the walk and running on them haters

Out landed in chalk their conversation is did it

Cause I'm living for the … who wasn’t talking no … bitch

Take all layerish, player all … got the full 20 vision

Rolling to bizz up, rolling to bizz up

Up in …

My rocket … shit, projection scream built in

My ceiling I spit the … so vivid because I'm really living

This jet like tennis shoe and tuxedo

Them other fools ain't fly they fucking mosquitoes

… work they just crying wild, fuck a … all you need to get on your grind

Stack a stack a dead paper … presidential time

For that cash I … a clean tag, this is mine

Fuck you throwin' with that,

… az holding the baby, peepin' the hold scene, I'm bout to blow

You know, you know? Yeah, yeah, yeah…<br />

<br />

Thanks to Andrei

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