CURREN$Y - Flight Briefing

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Okay as we get ready to take off, please be sure to check that your seat belts are fashioned, that your tray tables are up, and that your electronics are off. As the crew comes through to make final cabin checks, please let us know if you have any questions or need any help. We promise to do everything we can to make sure you have a safe, comfortable flight.

With these lazy eyes I've seen, more than you could see in seven lifetimes, get you on track got the fresh scoop from inside, give you insight on the situation cause I done it twice. Done the dotted line tight rope walk where the suits want results they don't talk, dozens of songs locked away, and rottin in the vault, know one to blame it was solely my fault. No soft grown? Just boss game long, right now I'm not trippin pippin you can pay me for it when you get it. I'm tryna get a bigger home put my nigga's on, they putting they nigga's on, we getting really strong. Met rex jets, best shape ever, winner circle, squares needa get it together, or stop hanging with each other, go somewhere and get it separate, your bitch want that vitamin D, she lookin desperate. Bull shit convo five minutes invested, now she butt naked lying to you via text message. In a snap like celery or fresh lettuce, giving head and trying to get ahead of us, you know what way is up.

As the world still turning, my joint still burnin, I hold my head high and I got that from uncle Vernon. So if you want respect you gotta earn it, it's crazy most people never learn it, preach. So before they hear my sermon, hears my confession I get dressed with my burner jeesh, I know that ain't right but I know when shits weak, try livin on my... so before I fall asleep with a certified freak, who just try to get her hands on some court side seats, I'm cool, nice,.. you can't get that from me, nice guy hard body man they way too weak. Gucci broads even said I keep it way too G, I never try to be something I'm not, I do me. I find it better on my own two feet, Robby keeping you nigga's low key jets fool

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