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Been yet


They look up the Jets

You can't stop ma plane

Nigga you can't do a thang

Uh machete sharp

My dream's to recognize the Ferrari's heart

Global domination ruling ma thoughts

Never let 'em play you

Fuck 'em sideways, always until they pay you

Reimburse me for payed dues

The money made me move

Running thru my shoes

For the day that I can kick 'em off


I said I quit smoking these beats but I relapsed

We heard yo shit and we laugh

That bitch saw that herb you twisting and she passed

She rather see me make that 6-4 lean back

Flow hippy, comfortable bean bags

I tell you a secret if you can keep it

Shhhhl, real

Sucker ass niggas cooking all kind of bullshit

Sucker ? ya'll stuck to them digits

Wonder why I won't eat with ya

Bauss tha fuck up

Be someone, nigga

I am an example of what happens when you quit being afraid to gamble

I shook the dice and rolled

Some niggas like you who want to stay, shook but frozed

I get busy

You think you know but ain't sure


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