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Feat. B-Real


Drive-In Theatre

Turn it up some for me


Yo, uh fresh paint on the park bench

Shining in the sunlight of the morning

Under the shade of the trees taking it all in

In the courtyard of my homegirl's apartments

Scared to play, how could you ever win?

Make a mistake, then a revision

Make them see that shit the way you did

Some of these fools will never get it

But I still give 100 percent, just

Consideration for the listeners

Appreciation for the livers, lifers

Henny swiggers, weed smokers, chevy drivers

Switches hitting, steady dipping, banging oldies

Throw the set up out the window, hit my horn at the homies

Just vibing bitch you can't kill it

Immortals chilling, portals to dimensions

Where everybody keep it realer

On this side we don't feel you

On this side one of these youngins might steal you

On this side for looking too unfamiliar

Too much like a squealer, dice shooter

Debt dealers, grocery store looters, all the same nigga

Put into a bad position, back the coolest cat in the corner

Transform into a junkyard bulldog on them

Posers, imposters, opponents, I throw them all in one size fits all boxes

Coaching, while smoking notice, a weakness in your defense

We bust it open, fitting to run it like a quarterback option

These niggas not sharks they just flounders, goonies in training

Surround them then drown them, Scuba Steve blood hounding

Never found them, started from the bottom

Then I got rich, never dipped

Cause I'm so at one with my surroundings, bitch


You far away from your home, you's an alien, alien

You far away from your home, you an alien, alien

You far away from your home, you's an alien, alien

You far away from your home


As I'm pulling trees out the grow room

Phone blowing up, man, how'd they know so soon?

All these ladies looking right, hydro bloom

Got these rookies fucking faded, singing show tunes

You get it from the doctor, it's a bomb sack

And if you sitting too close, catch a contact

If you want my territory, combat

I don't be losing cool, doctor is a calm cat

Every 90 days, around the way, the ladies pay me

Crazy how they make me paper, I appreciate it greatly

One day I'll retire, give some peace to those who hate me

But you're saying to the doctor, "Listen no one else can save me"

But every now and then, someone stepping out of pocket

People want my green and my rivals try to block it

This is unacceptable, I don't see the logic

To put your life at risk, cause I'll put one through your locket

I don't beef for bullshit, I just want to treat my patients

It's a cold life, Alaska, Sarah Palin

When I give you knowledge, take it like a revelation

When the people want the best, they know that I'm the destination

Any other source will get you high, you'll feel amazing

But it's just a duplication of the fire that I'm blazing

When you're far away from home and you don't have no sources

I will dab you out if I can just find where my torch is



Uh, she came first I came last

Sheisty bitch'll put arsenic in your glass and

Propose a toast to the fact that you been smoked

You a dead man walking, sucker, you ain't even know

Never let my eyes close around these hoes

But she quick to put us down on the stove, that's for sure

Tryna work her way in, mafia ties, helicopter ride

Business meetings in the sky

Drug dealers in disguise, this is I

Day in, day out, dazed in the Days Inn

Letting this work play out

They downloading demand, movin I pull the tape out

But I'm the man of that course, so there will never be a drought

As a matter fact girl, you need to peep your boy out

I been considering assembling a batch of bad bitches, my

Hired assassins, looks could kill cause I just handed Looks a Magnum

We called her Look cause, fuck man, look at her

She got them looks man, model singer slash actress

Dillinger's in the mattress, gloves and ski masks

Dissipate the static, chase away the madness, chase bank deposits

Bitch I always got it, I just tell you I don't have it

Cause too many people was looking at me when you asked me

100 percent averaging, highness, your majesty

I am this savagely


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