CURREN$Y - Da City

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Spitta that nigga rap slow live fast

Six fo with the switch box under the dash

327 rat underneath the hood

Got to grindin like somethin need to be in the woods

Just dippin through the city where the choppas fire

Young niggas on the set like they filmin the wire

Seen my homeboy dimple last month got hit

With a shotgun blast but he survived the shit

Bitches talkin bout spitta say the nigga so clean

I swear he got chlorine in his veins

Made my low low lean like it sip codeine

Ex-ec-utive suggest spitta better switch up his flow for the cheese

I don't comply and complain

They try to temp me but I restrain

Re-fuse to compra-mise I won't change

Like I vowel to forever where the same thang... yeah

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