CURREN$Y - Cut It Redone It

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Ft. Corner Boy P


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(Verse: Curren$y)

Phantom pull up like a pamper, bitch I ain't pull up I landed

Hoe I’m so fly I cant stand it, they say I’m not from this planet

I run the show single handed, fifty grand rubber band it

Paper chasing neva scrambling, talking money neva rambling

This is all about advancement, take the Chevrolet, it's dancin'

Do it like I know magic, bitch, I been a pro at it

Couple hits fo' yo Caddy racks, Cadillacs is out back the mansion

Get a glance at what a nigga stackin', neva that, my brother, I'mma clap ya

Fuck it! Seen the 68' droptop at the junkyard, drug it

Ova to my shop, up to give it the new start, you know we

Gotta be cut it, redone it, now we Cannel St. stuntin'

My mind right and my money right, see, y'all niggas can't tell me nothin'


Thuggin', aye aye aye aye

Thuggin', ah

(Verse 2: Corner Boy P)

I stuff OG in the kingsize

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