CURREN$Y - C.R.E.A.M. ft Willie The Kid

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No shit

Of course Mr. Where-the-cash-at was going to rap on this

Young Money, Cash Money, Fly Society

Curren$y the Hot Spitta

Cash rules everything around me, C.R.E.A.M

Get the money, dolla dolla bill y'all

[Verse 1 - Curren$y]

Yeah, started out on the good side and shook to the hood side

Cause that's where all the crooks reside

And wherever there's crooks, there's crime

Wherever there's crime, there's cash

And wherever there's cash, there's I

Anywhere's I, there's my guys

A society of people that are fly

Both niggas and bitches on a dash for the riches

Any place I walk in, I make a grand entrance

Classic image, you gotta admit it

There's no wonder that I get

All of the attention from all of the women

But these hoes slow though

So I make them stay they distance

They try to figure out what keep my clock ticking

Walk into an office meeting with my watch hidden

Not because I'm scared of getting robbed

But I don't want to be offensive to the executives in here

I got more money than them and they supposed to be the ones with good jobs

Hot Spitta, that nigga, I'm a hood star

83 Cut dog, that's my favorite hood car

Corner pocket uptown, that was my favorite hood bar

Pass me that chopper, I'll show you what it's good for

[Verse 2 - Willie the Kid]

Uh, this Willie the Kid

My nigga Curren$y man

Young Money


Fuck with me

Willie the Kid with the slick lines, these wack niggas

I make 'em fans when I spit mines, relax niggas

Paralysis, bullets hit spines

Cash analyst, expand money like six times

Catch me on the vogue time zones, I switch times

Chase Cognac with Coronas, I twist limes

Big 9 my waistline, it fits fine

My flow sublime, I gets mine, I dig dimes

Temporary plates, smoke tips on a sick whip

I'm trying to get more paper plates than a picnic

The crown prince

Cash rules, I'm addicted

Disease with the need for the cream I'm afflicted

I'm putting on a show for these Hip Hop cops

Let 'em watch, I'm top notch

Burn like hot scotch, I hopscotch

The Midwest for the currency quickly

In Muncie, Indiana when Curren$y hit me

On my way out to Kansas, outlandish

Niggas flake like dandruff, fold like pamphlets

I got a new bitch, resemble Dorothy Dandridge

Used to spit anthrax, now I'm just rancid

My nigga

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