CURREN$Y - Conference Call

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Hundred counting a hundred stacks with her titles out

I folk into this … window I am talking plural more than one ..

I need …got to make it real somehow …automobiles

In front fy my house .. if I am saying is going down ..

You have no idée what I have been through

.. never mind I got waking .. twice my size

.. this is how we never die

The hardest nigger speaking we are the ..

Translation we are wining dropping cash

Or whatever .. in return I get some racks

Stacks on stacks … getting figures .. just fuck with that

Laying in a trap .. with a lot I know you hit me

What I am do I am overdue … Ralph Lauren design

I am getting closer nigger close

Ri am running .. we get that .. drop it

We keep it coming and the coming is never stopping

I am seeing money .. like I am loaded .. money taking over

I would be .. in the kitchen I am on a mission for big bang ..

nigger first class you don’t see me .. old bitch

Momma say she wanted nigger who stay on his shit

.. got them rich they try to count my cash

..i tell them nigger go take a ditch it was all good it was all bad

ill shit try to make my mail taking.. when I am on my zone please don’t ..

I am closer in my air so please don’t push me

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