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You know the police, they make it look like

You know, everybody does a little round

Runnin’ round, gang banging the shit

Motherfucker in all that

You know, basecly, the low riders will never get in that

Cuz everybody know each other and they respecting that

It’s another Saturday, sun goin’ down, still bright enough

For you to wipe your car off thow ,find the car keys


On the low like a ground effects kit

Twenty-twenty for chronic in this bitch

Took my driver’s seat out, put a throne in my shit

We street kings, concrete castles, penthouses is lavish

It was established I could have it when I met her, but

I ain't even gonna fuck

Just gonna bend a corners on a couple my homies

See what the gas man got for me

Light one on the light, as I got on the highway

Passenger occupied by pretty eyes half open

Cuz she been smoking

That girl so fine, that girl on fire for a rider

Now she right on side one


Cars with the booming system x 2


S ten blazers, dancing bears

I used to draw ‘em on my loose leaf papers

Now the proof is on the pavement

We made it with major

We turned people who used to be cool with us into haters

So can't be scared to grow, they want you afraid to shine

Cuz they too pussy to try

I'm paid cuz I said do when you said die

I lay down log paid dues bend rules never lie

Tony made what he could on the side

Never turned too frank

Just tried to add a couple 0’s to the bank

But you know how that went

Ambition to get tigers at the crib, all types of crazy shit


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