CURREN$Y - All Over

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This that 1989, Uzi on the passenger seat

Corvette, drop-top, ocean drive

Hoes all lookin' at me, danger

Audio dope slanger, all angles

Try to hang with their cuts down when they find ya swayin'

I been on that new shit, I'm just sayin'

Shit serious, man, high estates, high prices

Higher bitches and condoes, suicidal

Choppin' off the balconies of their high rise

Try to see who the fliest in dyin'

And yo prime is a crime

But crime pays, 99 ways, how many more?

Dollas can we make befo' this bitch blow


Till it's all ova

Got money all ova

Got jewelry all ova

Until it's all ova

Got bitches all ova

Yeah, got bottles all ova

Sports cars all ova

Until it's all ova

This that 1972

Grind all neon in the Cadillac Coupe

Tryna get out the gang

Figure 30 bricks can't be enough to rain

Work for the whole crew

Last move then be through

Settle down with the main bitch

Maybe skeet skeet a lil junior

Show 'im how to do it

Lay down the rules, carry on tradition

Maintain the cool

First we gotta get outta the shit, tho

Let all of the shit go

Get rid of them chip fours

Relocate, zip codes go in complete flip mode

Bitch know yo old friend's gotta forget those

Life we chose, the shit cold

Ice on my wrist, blood on my vein froze

Audio bricks o' white grow

Get yo soul sowed


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