Cryptic Slaughter

Cryptic Slaughter - Reich of Torture

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Smiling as he speaks of death

destroying lives unknown

Killing 'til his final breath

Protecting his fallen throne

March of the chamber of gas

The line to end their lives

As they die he starts to laugh

Last thing heard are cries

We have fought together side by side

Killing humans as they die

Burning souls once filled with life

Now they're filled with pain and strife

Prisoner of one man's hate

Now facing their final day

Try to reach their wired gate

Who has their god saved?

Running from the brightened light

Shots fired as comrades fall

Without guns they cannot fight

Death for one and all

They storm the gates on hopes to be free

Many trampled in the frenzied flee

Many fall as machine guns roar

See yourself, but now as a bloody corpse

Escape for you is nothing but a dream

The bullets rip your flesh as you scream

Your final breath is spent on cursed cries

The tortured lives of Hitler take to the sky

Is violence the way to get a point across?

If you don't get your way, it's your own loss

Don't try to force people to see your way

You shoot people down, someday you'll pay

A large racial barrier, when will it break?

Blacks aren't dumb, whites made the mistake

Like to kill them, but they wouldn't dare

They'll shoot back, what's fair is fair

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