Cryptic Slaughter

Cryptic Slaughter - Nuclear Future

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Will the hypocrisy ever cease?

You made the bomb, and made the mistake

Make us fight to cover your idiocy

In this country with it's so-called democracy

We ask why and we get - no reply

Then we ask about or future - we will die

Forget our dreams and go to war - sudden death

The bomb is dropped, it's all over - nothing left

Can't you get it through your head?

You'll make us fight until we're dead

I won't kill my friend or foe

Fight your own war 'cause I won't go

Finance your war with our death

Won't die for my country, screw the U.S.

A country dying, we've got no say

You fuck up, but we're the ones who pay

Won't help the poor or be second best

Either you like it or die like the rest

We all mean nothing to our twisted earth

Why kill one another, what's it all worth?

Use your head, and look what we've got

A future filled with nothing, we are left to rot

From disagreeing to the threat of war

Blow us off the earth, will even up the score

I won't pay the price of fate

To fulfill your lust and hate

When it's all over and it's all been said

You sit pretty, as we lie dead

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