Cryptic Slaughter

Cryptic Slaughter - M.A.D.

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Mad - mutually assured destruction

Mad - killed by inner combustion

Mad - death throughout the nation

Mad - total annihilation

Both Russia and the U.S.

Don't want to be second best

Build more bombs to be ahead

Until the day that we're all dead

I see no reason for us to fight

You are wrong and we are right

All the money that you've spent

Should be used in disarmament

Join the army, see the world

But you're signing up for war

Taught to kill men or child

The more you kill, the more they smile

After talks and all's been said

War is over, both countries dead

The people gone, now it's too late

We've all shock the hand of fate

The children of today

are the killers of tomorrow

Nothing in their future

except for pain and sorrow

They'll send us off to war,

to pay their cost

Even if the war is won,

we're the ones who lost

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