Cryptic Slaughter

Cryptic Slaughter - Lowlife

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Time goes by and makes me

Wonder what I'm here for

I'm waiting for a sign or

Someone to open the door

At times my life seems at an error

Without a real purpose

Will I survive problems in my head

And beneath my own surface?

What the hell is going on?

I feel like I'm dead

Is it life around me

Or am I fucked in the head?

I'm tired of hypocrisy

And murder by the state

I'm sick of your stupid lies

You tell us it's okay

Life seems at an end

Death is on your back

Ronnie and his generals

Just sit back and laugh

Time for you to act now

To make one final stand

There is no alternative

Your life is in your hands

You think that you're the only one

To solve your problems with a gun

Does it make u feel like a man

To take a life in your hands?

There is no way out

You'll just have to fight it out

No useless world to save

Nuke threat and no escape

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