Cryptic Slaughter

Cryptic Slaughter - Killing Time

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Pressures press

Your station set

Cut your groove

In the bench

Release control

It's for the best

Decrease your will

I'll do the rest

Reality is just a word

It's meaning so obscured

A tried and tested thing of which

I just can't be sure!

People laughing

Cause people died

They had it coming

And so they fried

A mockery

Of faceless men

The justification

Of their end

Get ahead then you're dead

- I guess I'll get behind

Search like mad but you've been had

- There's nothing there to find

Cause reality and sanity

- Are just a state of mind

The clock stops

The floor drops

From far away

You see yourself

Faces flash

Darkness comes

Now betrayed

Now undone

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