Cryptic Slaughter

Cryptic Slaughter - Hypocrite

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You say you want to help me

I know it isn't true

Useless lies behind my back

I'm not a stupid fool

I don't need a lying friend

The kind I'd rather kill

You'd better think suicide

Before I live my will

You know that you're a hypocrite

I really hate the way you live

You deserve anything you get

We won't put up with hypocrites

You look me in the eye

Tell me I'm your friend

Then I catch you lying

Time and time again

I confront you with my hatred

But you just deny

Just another day for you

And just another lie

So long sucker, you pushed me too far

One too many lies, now you're seeing stars

Lies to reality, now you've met fate

Life for you is over, for you it's too late

You think you can get away

Someday I'll make you pay

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