Cryptic Slaughter

Cryptic Slaughter - Convicted

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You were convicted of a crime

Now you're out, you served your time

With no skill, what can you do?

Got no education, you're nobody's fool

On the streets, you'll have to steal

Got no money for a nourishing meal

A losing battle, you can't survive

A ringing in your head, pain in your eyes

No friends, no fun, no life to lead

No job, no pay, you can't succeed

Always hear "no," a door in your face

Keep to yourself, stay in your place

You've lost your will, you have no care

Society's outcast, and it's not fair

You start to run, maybe get away

You can't hide it, it shows in your face

I know you've tried, you begin to realize

The only way out, you come to suicide

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