Crucial Conflict

Crucial Conflict - Roll Somethin' lyrics

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I dont know bout y'all man

but im ready to get my motherfuckin smoke on

I want some of dat green shit, hell yeah,

Let's burn, all the ghettos, hey wassup kid?

Roll somethin, roll somethin

them niggas aint talkin bout shit

(bout shit, bout shit)

Roll somethin, roll somethin

just cause you just cant hang wit dis

(wit dis, wit dis, wit dis)

Yall niggas aint shit, nothing to fool with, we too swift

giddy up and get down all you niggas aint do shit

one rap down round two chop it off like cool whip(whip)

rowdy runnin rodeo can't ride

fronting in two clips shocking like shocker

evertime I pop you knock out the box, better move quick flick

comin out of the back in this motherfucker

yall disgusted bustas cant be trusted for nothing

fucking with this hillbilly wild westside

C-H-I-T-O-W-N and it's on for life

nothing nice, no ice, you chase

we fuckin niggas up across the nation

wit no lubracation dick is thick

and coming at them like Hitler (fuck you)

act like you dont hear me then,

wake up high we in your chin

we embursted with a curse and be worse

first and kick first now vice-versa

two feet first they kick first and worse

reimburse the winning cuz I'm first at somethin

Put it on your ass motherfucker

we kill them up bad (kill em up bad)

Hold that one shit when you fucking with the flick

you was talking that shit but you couldnt last

bring to you hoes knockin down your door

tryin to knock some chunks out yo rump,

at night to the broad daylight

if you wanna gang fight droppin yall one by one,

coming at them with the quickness with the flickness,

gonna sign your death wish

cuz you gonna get dealt with,

slappin you hoes makin sure your eyes closed

take em out by mouth and blindfold

with the foot on your chest you know the rest nigga

got us pissed off die for mine, raise up get blazed

anyways get sprayed your laying in the grave,

pop em, drop em, re-cock em,

then squeeze them we deceased to be the defeated,

repeat em and treat em like read em rights

I aint finna brag but the man cant hang

with the bogus man

treat like a punk ass trick,

put a row gonna be closed casket

serious nigga fuck that laughing

try to fuck with us we be blasting, smashin

Buck buck, pump pump, drop drop,

we drop, bluck, hit you wit da teck

what da deck? run up your debt wit no sweat and we dont regret

disrespecting your click,

fuck you bitch, pull out the shit that got yo dangling

picture with a nigga now hangin figure let you big up (?)

got me strapped in, bust a cap, but I'm warnin ya, dont want none

start shit that you just cant finish,

be the end, and the family ended

sorry it gotta be this way but I'm sick get a gangsta plate

so now i got a rodeo, one warrant then blow me up, up, up

and away, with my team it aint no thang,

spoil your dreams, a murder theme

we dont want any crap, I'm bounty clean,

snatch that hoe and take them dividends

I mean I'm gonna fuck you, what can i do about me? Hennessy

you inferior to the new king what you hollerin? a silent scream

Come, (Come) ride her ass and cum(?) and be up

send the same aint buy not shit where motherfuckers came from

(????) shit that can get you straight knocked the fuck out

knowing you a bitch, a person,

just stop cursin' thats why I'm refrainin from hurtin yo ass

punk nigga,trick nigga, bitch nigga, fag,

say somethin smart and watch you get tagged

wit a motherfuckin bat,

who got so scared when soem tellin yo ass nigga

act like a bitch start to cry (?) ready supplies,

get em rawhide fight to the death and I won't be denied

your life like Pete's eye

mother fucker on rye them thangs'll die,

touch me I'm alive, why set yo ass to fire bitch (?)

snap off your two nuts right quick

niggas aint talking bout nothin slick

and shit to deal with, roll somethin

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