Crucial Conflict

Crucial Conflict - Lil Advice lyrics

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Yo check it out, knahwhat I'm saying?

It's time to get a real low down

About how it goes, knahwhat I'm saying?

Ain't no need to beat around the bush

So uhh, just check out these playas

Pop it like this

[Verse 1: WildStyle]

You like this hoe

I bump this hoe

She be turning tricks man

Let me show you how to play your way

Up in this pimpin' game

Tell ya this from the get go

If I catch ya with another brother

You just gone be hurting fast

Hittin' wid why?

Don't you cry?

But bitch you out there bad

Get what you can, understand

I got another plan

Try to wreck shop and spit it fast

Pass a bag as I tag dag

Now I'm fin' to go for first scullie man

I'm mannish, dirty shouldn't hurt me

Why the foul niggas always wanna serve me?

Who gives a fuck they be like me

Never let no motherfucker spook me

Like I'ma goofy,

I'm down in this town so slick

And I want that coochie

I'm blazing up,

Come in all, rodeo

When we go

A pimp is a pimp

And a hoe is a hoe

Nigga let that shit go


Here's a little something

That I think ya'll should know

A pimp is a pimp

A mack is a mack

A hoe is a hoe

When you on the street

You got to let that shit roll

A pimp is a pimp

A mack is a mack

A hoe is a hoe

[Verse 2: Cold Hard]

I'm just a slick nigga anyway

Being bogus to a bitch is how I'm raised

Ain't no sense trying to get in this

If you broke hoe get up out my face

"You a trip!" , No I ain't no trip

Watch my pimpin' in the future bitch

Hoe trying to play these mind games

Like these trick lames get these bitches rich

Uhh, guess who ain't tripping bitch?

For the shit you be trying to pull slick

I'ma stand on ya ass fast and pass

Watch me hit another lick

Hoe I ain't bout that groupie shit

I'm gon' come out squeaky clean

Have you ever seen,

When a man fiend,

Cause he ain't got no damn green

Square figmonts and marry them hoes

Fake Tims and paying 'em jealousy flaring 'em

Just cause a nigga be wearin' and tearin' 'em

Big thick I wannabes I must be scaring 'em

Got a bitch nigga wanna be my companion

To keep them hoes from all that bragging

But hell nah, it's Cold Hard

On the bitch I bogart


[Verse 3: Never]

Check it out,

You gotta pimp a bitch

Gotta put a bitch down on

How to go make that cash

Creep in slick, get up and dig

Then just straight break his ass

Cause it really don't make no sense

Just to get up wid a hoe

And she ain't gettin' paid

Bitch betta have my money laid

Down like a nigga strung out on hay

Hoes might try to strut man,

And pop game, back at a pimp

Real hoes know not to fuck wit me

Cause I really ain't down for the broke shit

Bitch wanna know how Never do it

Never did it, now that bitch wid me

Sticking her hands up in ya pockets

Giving me all your fucking profits

And it ain't no thing

I let a hoe know quickly she gotta go

When she getting to attracted to a nigga

Out on the stroll she can have that nigga

Bitch I'ma get my pockets bigga

Slow down throw down and pimp anotha hoe

Why fuck up the game trying to reclaim that bitch

Just let her go


[Verse 4: Kilo]

On the level pick a business

Never snooze on the game

Up out a freaky bitch

A pimp is a pimp ya'll

That'll find every vic

That's waiting cause it appears to be

A mack is a mack when I'm rolling

Bitches be riding that dick like a horsie

Giddy up wid it baby

Never loving no bitches

Giving me jones that can force me

Niggas turn to mack like us

Cause they getting played

At they own damned skin

Fall in love start fighting for that hoe

Trick or treating like it's halloween

If you can't see open up your eyes

And wake up cause you sleep on your knees

Cause I said it was a time when a no good hoe

You need to be getting rich

How you calling yourself a pimp

Boy you fucking up the game,

Scullies taking you off your square

You ain't a playa youz a lame

Don't push me just want the pussy

If you broke please don't tempt me

Kilo's on that hi-tech shit

A bitch will never pimp me


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