Crucial Conflict

Crucial Conflict - Let It Go lyrics

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Sometimes you gotta let it go

certain situations you're facin' will make your head explode (ahha ha) [x2]

being in this game ain't no joke

plenty brothas on the street straight get smoked

people wearin them folks

its straight up bump to the grind

we drop and it seem like it aint gon stop

growin up around gang bangers, feinds that'll make you scream,

is on the scene, us that make ya cane

it was fun at first, now i pass

i was trippin with the game, but the game dun got to bad

them boys lockin us up left and right

im down with the cause, uphold the law

it begins at birth, from which I draw

and everybody wanna be the man with the quick hand

but the big man un-organized

up in them thangs, blowin our brains

close your eyes picture how you might die

sippin up the ‘dro, livin in the g-e-double-t-o

comin outside sometimes im strapped

knowin that somebody might try to pull my brains and my life

wanna take me out

it's the life we live for, we kill for

when you get pushed to the edge of the ledge

and fusion all I hear is music

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