Crucial Conflict

Crucial Conflict - Back Against The Wall lyrics

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Y'all motherfuckers don't want to do none

In the light never see a nigga like me, things collide inside

Open your eyes wide and see

Don't want none of G-A-D-E and Conflict

Load em' up and bust a (?)

Vietnam, we droppin' bomb shit, strapped do draw

Ready to brawl, back against the wall, us against all y'all

I'm ready to brawl at all times,

don't give a fuck who I'm up against

As long as I can take everyone in my circle

If you really wanna know, nigga most peronal

My reason for treason is bread, so even when I said I love my gauge

Watch the rage that I pull, finna' unleash this cage

I'm comin' out with full intentions,

be takin' these niggas to other levels

Bringing drama like Physco, going through cycles

Every trip that I take be suicidal living like Waco

So I'm down to ride, down to do whatever, whenever, the weather

Look I could not really care, on another page, through the blaze

I'm 'a get at em'

Nasty, come and get mashed

You wanna up gats, you'd better be strapped

Ain't got time to change em' my my mind is finally made up

Thinking just fuck em' all up

Pop with the glock, on spot, if it's hot, I got a two-shotter pump

Just to get a nigga bumped and put up in the trunk

If you wanna get tough enough, you get bucked, blast

Put him on down and out, wildin' out done got you shot

Should have been down to put a rock in your sock

But your sock got a whole, and I'm on cocked

Back with the sack in the rodeo pack

Get back, I make a nigga get slapped in the face with the gate

I'm 'a let the cult demonstrate

The conflict gettin' crucial when the raw be killing em'

Come thirsty nigga

Punks be denied, ready to ride,willing to die, feeling me now

Nigga get the right act in your mind

Nigga get the acts back in a row right

Act that jaw, to the right axe saw

Ain't no thang bigger, and I'm a' back em' all

Temptations trump tall, upskirts

Let em' deal with the hurt, quick fast ways

Take that motherfucker, it's Wildstyle

Take your weak ass niggas along, fuck Bone

Dissin' my home, sayin' we clone

If your ass want to battle, boy I'll take it to the chrome

That's right, my city gonna ride with the Flic', die with the Flic'

What you wanna get on, what's up?

Cut the bullshit, get em' with the bidness

There's gangbanging in my blood, no love

Get slugged, body drug through the mud, bring it on let's thug

Cause we comin', straight young gunnin', catching niggas running

Y'all motherfuckers don't want to do none

Bone killer, killer to the bone, I got that home address

Y'all niggas better leave it alone, this Raw Dope life or death

Any time or place let's go, down for the cause, strapped to draw

Ready to brawl, back against the wall, us against all

Y'all motherfuckers don't want to do none

Let's get bucked til' this bitch catch fire

Look a' here, we the rodeo riders, crucial colliders, crucial killers

(?) fighters, wild west-siders

You can't have the truth, the truth like liars

It's on tonight, so know

We having fun making highways on your crossroads, overload

The fuck E coming back in the form of the Messiah, tight like pliers

Cutting perfect wires, hide like Mayans

The reason they singing the blues is cause these niggas need to retire

More of a musical wiser

So I advise you to get up and be done

Give me the bone, those motherfucking niggas really don't want none

Pop for the Wild-Wild, feel the buck, cook em' up pow-pow

Give it up for the Chi town, nigga watch out, get knocked out the box

Roll with the top-notch heat pop pop

For the plot and we dropping em'

Unstoppable, cocking em', leaving em' dead

When they lay in the land of the raw,

nigga what you seen, what you saw

The nigga 4 deuce stack em' all

Bringing the C-O-N-Flict team from R-E-N-E-G-A-D-E's

Got four others now and take everything you own

Now as serious as I am, why am I so serious now

Cause it's been no time for games playing around wastin' your life

Quit talking crap and pullin'

Pussy gonna get you killed if you don't use it

Got go-getters, plenty missles, stop em' drop em' and I'm wishing

Who that fucking with your eyes

Got you blind to the fact that it's us against all, back to the wall

Violent lessons jumping off unless you all to the raw

It's the bull and the rope and I'm making you choke

Travel the world with us people and folk

Tell us go watch everywhere that we go

But we still keeping it dope yo'

Niggas just bark for some Kibbles and Bits

Niggas don't know about this lyrical shit

?Life or death?, Renegades, Realer and Flic'

Coming through your town and killing your clique

I'm a hit a nigga up so truly gooly, he wouldn't understand it

Recognize me in this shit as a chief I said

And run up to me with your shit, go on and do it, cause I would

Fuck this motherfucking status shit, I'm bringing the goods

And tempting their manhoods, to think they could even fuck with me

Call me Coldhard (?), busting shit from 'cross the street nigga

Throw all my cards to box with 'em

Cars are still deep but your sound was still illing

What the fuck, you niggas think I'm chilling cause I'm calmed and cool

So perhaps I'll bust on one of you stupid ass niggas for being a fool

Stroll through, I'm heated

Them gats combusting rapid at your whole crew

Get called for disaster cause we strapped and let the dogs loose

Hit the main man with the deuce, for the high tech shit fucked up

With Flic' now its on with you, you scared, ? out your ? in bed

Sissy ass nigga we really ain't done shooting the lead

Split your cabbage to the red for fucking with us

Now we sick in the head nigga

By all means, it really don't stop, stay out the dark

Keep messing get marked

Face to face I'm 'a check them phonies

That don't want none trying to diss my homies

Roll and rocker creeping through your city

Bone crusher when I slap you silly

Bone rusher when my mac milli catch a toe tag for touching my billi

Who the fuck want some drama, I'm a' slice 'em up, dice 'em up

I'm 'a cut their head off then neck

I'm feel like I spent twenty years down in Tibet

Rumbles, give me red ass knuckles, knuckles hit his eye like buckles

Buckles keep 'em spit like Ruffles

Fuck it, like a must we buck it

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