Crucial Conflict

Crucial Conflict - 2 Bogish lyrics

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[Hook: x4]

We bogus bogus and mafia!

Say what?


Stand tall when this shit jump off

Better back back down

Got a wild wolf pack attack

We'll body snatch em, crack em

Detach and smack em

Run from the gun finna have you some

Spin em around ready to drown em

Missin arm leg leg arm head they found em stankin

Cuz he wasn't ready for the wild gankin

Blindfold execution style

Certified straight lunatic bucked

Cook County bounty rowdy better be audi

Bangers fulla anger, step into my chamber

Oh I'm finna hang ya, rodeo ranglers

Ride, east coast west coast

In the middle, down south, 2 bogus

Hypnotized Minds with the Conflict bumpin

Your trunk and we steady dumpin

[Crunchy Black?]

It's a motherfuckin stick up

Giddy your shit up

Three 6 finna tear the motherfuckin club up

Crucial Conflict, click I roll with

Better get a bitch, war and straight gun up

Gimme that money, ain't shit funny

Fuckin with a motherfuckin nigga from down south

Nigga think I'm ?tray? hoe I ain't ?tray?

Find this gun in your motherfuckin mouth, test me baby

If you think I'm playin, proof test me baby

If you know what I'm sayin

Got a couple motherfuckin niggas over here prayin

Got a couple motherfuckin niggas over here layin

Face down in the ground hopin dead they live

You ain't Mafia, you don't know the deal

Representin Memphis to the fullest and I got my gat

But it ain't where you from it's where you at

I'm in the golden, nigga

[Hook x4]


Well if your city's hardest

Man have you seen the lives I feel that I have lived before

Paid to do my same life

Hopin I don't get dropped bogus for nothin I do

Smoke Hay like them playas back in the 50's, it's a new

We in the cell too

We could get clink claks and thousand suits

Lizard boots, a ring or two

How you move to the blue, how you call us crew

Fool, be cool what's cool, you snooze you lose

Me and my down south niggas rule

Fuck the other nigga, we pay dues too

[Juicy J]

This goes out to all my niggas

Flippin cheese and countin figures

Put your boy up in the picture

Knowin I wanna be down with ya

Memphis niggas, Chi-Town niggas

Clicked up like notorious killas

Never focused, always bogus

Blunts and guns is all we totin

Constantly rollin, constantly rollin

Tight on white but weed I'm smokin

Every corner playas postin

Eyes are red from dope we chokin

All your hoes they blowin kisses

Pay attention to our pimpin

Flict, Nino, and the Juice

We tear the club up thugs and bitches


Bone solid! Cuz papa was a rolling stone

Gotta get em on and it's on but in the terror zone

Havin visions of glistens my posse ridin

Dippin in my stridin

Never slippin, just slidin, canivin

Bogus bogus nigga hopeful

Got that mossberg

Send the word, Kilo

Not because the mac spittin potent dope

And this overdose, comatose

We gon rush and drain your mind

It's a Conflict in the ghetto

And we livin in crucial times

[Hook x4]

[Lord Infamous]

Scarecrow is frozen, not frozen and cold

We the cold terrorists, we have entered this city Chicago

Cruical the Conflict the Memphis streets is

Now you niggas know you can't break (..?..)

I'ma let this mob take off

Won't stop until I knock it off

The left fill it up till it wet and erupt

Erupt like muggin my type busta

Come get up in the middle of an inner city riddle

Wanna fill a figure up, and not just a little

Feel my force, of course you're hoarse

From the rusty point of Scarecrow's sickle

Stabbin up through the ?vouches?

Lord Infamous shock absorbin

I'm squishin like project roaches

Cuz we be the niggas 2 bogus 2 bogus


Smile for the bullhorn the alarm to run

Gun got me so gone hit em son

We the number one young gun

Hold em up or fold em up son no love for none

Run up and get done punk

Hit em up jump straight bucked

When it dump it come bullet'll thump ya junk

It's on fool pull the wrong move

And soon lose ya like Lucifer

In the middle make a fool of ya

Ruin ya nigga choose and get abused ya crushed

Huh? Where ya nuts son?

I got Chicago straight Chicago

98 shit figured up on John Doe

In the roll no flow peepin at all

Close to coast close to crawl

Bump em all, put em in shock

Cuz ya can't walk or walk

If ya know who the boss, pack it up

Ya lost, say what?

[Hook till fade]

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