CROWDED HOUSE - Whispers & Moans

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Dull, dull grey<br>The colour of our times<br>Cool, cool space<br>That I still hope to find<br>Far beyond the veil<br>The sound of whispers and moans<br><br>Slow, time bomb<br>The clamour of the street<br>I hear this town<br>It never goes to sleep<br>And I will catch the taxi driver<br>Weeping like a wounded beast<br><br>Then I wake up in your room<br>To share one piece of your life<br>When tomorrow comes we may not be here at all<br>Without your whispers and moans<br>'cos here you come to carry me home<br>Here you come to carry me home<br><br>Love that sound<br>Time erase<br>Tension wheels<br>Cool heels<br>Won't ya come on open the bid 'fore too long<br><br>Then I wake up in your room<br>To share one piece of your life<br>I'd give anything to be a fly upon the wall<br>And hear your whispers and moans<br>I'd like to hear your whispers and moans<br>Here you come to carry me<br><br>We are the mirrors<br>Are the mirrors of each other in a lifetime of suspicion<br>Cleansed in a moment of recognition<br>You gave your life for it<br>Worth it's weight in gold<br>And growing empires and art collectors<br>And alans sound investments<br>Will one day be forgotten<br>One day be forgotten, yeah

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