CROWDED HOUSE - Together Alone

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Together alone

above and beneath

we were as close

as anyone can be

now you are gone

far away from me

as is once will always be

together alone

anei ra maua (here we are together)

e piri tahi nei (in a very close embrace)

e noha tahi nei (being together)

ko maua anake (just us alone)

kei runga a Rangi (Rangi the sky-father is above)

ko papa Kai raro (the earth mother is below)

e mau tonu nei (our love for one another)

kia mau tonu ra (is everlasting)

Together alone

shallow and deep

holding our breath

paying death no heed

I'm still your friend

when you are in need

as is once will always be

earth and sky

moon and sea

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