CROWDED HOUSE - There Goes God

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What'll I tell him<br>When he comes to me for absolution<br>Wouldn't you know it<br>Hope I don't make a bad decision<br><br>'cos I'd like to believe<br>That there is a god<br>Why sinful angels<br>Suffer for love<br>I'd like to believe<br>In the terrible truth<br>In the beautiful lie<br><br>Like to know you<br>But in this town I can't get arrested<br>If you know me<br>Why don't you tell me what I'm thinking<br><br>Hey don't look now<br>But there goes god<br>In his sexy pants<br>And his sausage dog<br>And he can't stand<br>Beelzebub<br>'cos he looks so good in black, in black

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