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You came<br>Out of this world to me<br>My life<br>Parted like the red sea<br>We flowed<br>Easy between the rocks and stones<br>Never seemed to stop us<br>The years<br>Ended in confusion<br>Don't ask me I don't know what happened<br>But I am<br>A man with a mission<br>Must be the devil I don't know<br><br>It's hard to let go<br>Of all that we know<br>As I walk away from you<br>Hurled from my home<br>Into the unknown<br>As I walk away from you<br><br>Reveal whatever you desire<br>To you it may be death defying<br>Black day<br>In the coldness of winter<br>Black words<br>Slipping off my tongue<br>I say forget it - it's over<br>As a dark cloud covered up the sun<br><br>It's hard to let go<br>Of all that we know<br>As I walk away from you<br>The sun always sets<br>With room for regrets<br>As I walk away from you<br><br>Give it to me<br>Give it to me<br>Your inspiration<br>Give to receive<br>Find all we need<br>As I walk away<br><br>Just a slave to ambition<br>Tension your permanent condition<br>So much you've always wanted<br>Too much given' you a sore head

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