Cross Canadian Ragweed

Cross Canadian Ragweed - When It All Goes Down

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I'll proclaim you to the father If you proclaim me to the people My father said, "Church, it's in your heart, son" You don't always need a steeple A preacher's truths aren't alway shown If you follow a heart, make sure it's your own One man's lifted up to Heaven One man's cast into Hell the first man's beliefs are the second man's prison the second man's beliefs are the first man's jail To be or not to be Born to decide what will set you free When it's said and done Sit back and watch the show When it all goes down There ain't nobody knows I got something on my mind That I can't ignore I gotta tell you the truth The devil comes rappin at my back door Sometimes I don't know what to do I see the light and it starts to fade It blinds my eyes as I turn away The offer's on the table The pen's in my hand The devil thinks she's got a deal Temptation road may be paved in gold But the gravel one is better my friend

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