Cross Canadian Ragweed

Cross Canadian Ragweed - Too Far Gone

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Good mornin' California

How long has it been?

I know your sky could help me fly

Out of this shape I'm in

I polished off another bottle

Some old cheap red wine

I'll turn it all back into water for you baby

Just to hold you one more time

Too far gone

Too far gone

Been so long since I've been back home

I'm too far gone

Hey baby what you wearin'?

Damn that sure sounds fine

I know I just catch myself starin'

Staring 'til I went blind

'Cause you treat me like I'm your someone

Even when no one's around

I'd drop everything I was holdin'

To pick up what you're puttin' down

Too far gone

Too far gone

I can't explain, it would take too long

I'm too far gone

I know it's been crazy

I know what you're going through

Let me tell you sweet baby

That I'll walk right through with you

You're always there besides me

Whether I'm right or wrong

I know in here without you here

I'm too far gone

Too far gone

Too far gone

'Til I sing a brand new song

I'm too far gone

Too far gone

Too far gone

I know I could go on and on

I'm too far gone

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