Cross Canadian Ragweed

Cross Canadian Ragweed - Time to Move On

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A young man's searching

Trying to find his soul

He's heard all the myths and the stories that he's told

He searches his heart for the magic to behold

He wants to find the answers before he grows old


One door closes two doors open

The road you take is the path you've chosen

T he end is the beginning, beginning is the end

Every road gonna bring you round again

Stop and look around

Time to move on

My old man is traveling

Now he's lost his way

He's drifting in the middle

And his hair is turning gray

What you don't know might hurt you

When your pride gets in the way

If you don't read the signs

You'll get lost along the way


You got to follow your bliss

Gotta follow your sorrow

Where will you be when you wake up tomorrow

The choice is up to you

It's yours and yours alone

Every road gonna bring you home


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