Cross Canadian Ragweed

Cross Canadian Ragweed - Sister

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I use to get stoned on my sisters record collection

Gold and platinum on vinyl was the closest thing to perfection

Rock & roll, acoustic guitar

Not even comfortable with who you are

I'd blow the roof if I had a fast car

I changed my mind in my best friends El Camino

He blew my drums that summer night in El Reno

Turning up the STP, turning down the LSD

On a bottle of booze and the best of his cousins weed

What if I was the one that you warned me about

You were the one that needs to come around

We got together and we worked it out

No one would shut us down.

If it all dried up and blew away

With a handful of checks on a rainy day

Would you turn around or would you stay

Would it matter anyway

What if I decided to take the nation

I'd break the knob just so I could feel the frustration

Yeah, turn it up til you hit top speed

Yeah, its all that I'll ever need

When you bear your heart

You better be prepared to bleed

{Repeat Chours}

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