Cross Canadian Ragweed

Cross Canadian Ragweed - Leave Me Alone

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Been a lot of word floatin' 'round

'Bout what I do with my life

People talk but I don't hear a sound, fabricated lies

You think you got me all figured out, you couldn't even try

Talking smack behind my back, can't look me in the eye


Cast your stone, gid your bones

Tuck your tail and head for home

Leave me alone

Your eyes, they're quicker than your tongue

You think that I don't know

They cut through me like the blazin' sun

You got no cards to show

They stare me down from across the room

You think my ears, they burn

You'll feel the heat from my fire soon

Hey stand in line, wait your turn


Hey, grab your shovel, boy, keep on digging

You'll find that nowhere's what you're getting


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