Cross Canadian Ragweed

Cross Canadian Ragweed - Johnny's Song

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what is life it could be a million

It could be a single dime

Or it could be a ship out on the water

But to me it's just more time

Time for the one who moved a hundred mountains

Time for the one who broke a thousand chains

For the love of a son and a mother

A little girl sweet as sugar cane

What is love it could be a river

Love's a single drop of rain

But to her love is forever

It's the mention of your name

What is love there's more than just one answer

Love's a golden wedding ring

If only love could be the cure for cancer

Then the world would hear you sing

What is faith

Faith is believing

Faith can tell you where to go

You say faith can move a thousand mountains

Faith can liberate your soul

A heart of gold will take you to the rafters

Where you get your angel wings

Don't cry for me are the words that are coming

From your golden guitar strings

What is life

It could be a million

What is love

There's more than just one answer

What is faith

Faith is believing

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