Cross Canadian Ragweed

Cross Canadian Ragweed - Cold Hearted Woman

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She's got a smile a million miles long

Got a trail of cryin' and leavin' songs

You don't know and you don't care

You're completely unaware

Sometimes I wanna rip out your heart

And see if something's there


Cold hearted woman

You're bringing me down in flames

Runnin' around all over town

Runnin' down my name

Gonna get me a loaded pistol

Wait, was that out loud?

Cold hearted woman

I'm gonna put you in the ground

When the money comes rollin'

I can do no wrong

When the river stops flowin'

She's burnin' up the telephone

And by the time that I find you

Yeah my money' all down the drain

Burnt it up on cheap motels

And 80 bottles of cocaine


Cold hearted woman

What goes around comes around

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