Cross Canadian Ragweed

Cross Canadian Ragweed - After All

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When you think you're doing good

It all comes tumbling down

When you think you'e beat it all

It crashes to the ground

When you gonna come around

Maybe someday

Someday's never coming

If you wanna know the truth

Everybody else, they're gonna lie to you

I see you runnin'

With your back against the wall

Waitin' for your call

Hey, but after all, maybe someday

You say you're sorry

With teardrops in your eyes

It's only black or white

And never compromise

And never someday

And never someday

Judgement is the one thing

You could do without

Remember back to yesterday

When you knew without a doubt

It was gonna work out

Maybe someday

It wasn't that long ago

But those were different times

Back then it was under control

Now it's always on your mind

I think now's the time

And not someday

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