Croosh - Patiently Posted

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You got me like whoa

Got me like whoa

Got me like whoa

Got me like oh-oh-oh

Got me like whoo

Whoa, you got me like whoo

Got me like whoa

Got me like whoa

Got me like, got me like whoa

You got me like whoa

Got me like oh-oh-oh-oh-whoo, ya


Patiently posted, make no mistake tho'

I feel it coming, but hold up, just wait tho'

Something's not right, yeah

Right every night, yeah

Future look so bright, but I don't need to shine, ya


I'm not ready, no-no

I'm not ready, no, but they rushin' the cry

For me to blow every night

Fuck all the industry hypes

I'mma keep puttin' in work

You would think people tryna help

Couldn't hurt, but all this pressure

All this muh'fucking pressure

Swear to God it's got me like

Got me like, 'Please, back the fuck up'

'I'm not a puppet that you could control'

Don't got a gimmick for you to make money from

I'm about patience, potential and growth

I know enough to know that I don't know enough

I'm still young, bitch I'm growing up

So watch me evolve, like it's said backwards

Just know it won't stop me at all


(Bridge x2)

I'm good, I'm good

I take my time

Oh oh, I should, stay on my grind

(Verse 2)

Bitch, I got drive, I go vroom-vroom-vroom-vroom

I pop the clutch and I peel it out

You lookin' out how you feel now

Got these hoes feelin' their feelings

Damn, it's okay, I don't mind

I take it one day at a time

I'm moving away the momentum

She mad I ain't gave her attention

I say that my time is expensive

So please do not take it offensive

But I'm on a roll with this shit

Lookin' on that so ya know how it gets

Young Whoo, show me new with it

But I paid dues to the Wu-Tang

I'mma stay true, fuck what you say

Oh whoo whoo whooh


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