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Now that we don't pay much attention

To what goes up or must come down

We decided not to follow

Apart from that we just don't care

From a decent crowded journey

Into a private desert land

Up-to-the-minute reviewed autonomy

Proof of independent anonymity

When the highest point of individuality

Culminates in loneliness

We reject our identity

And declare all reflections to be wrong

We, as a team of soloists

Are so unlike that we are desolate

Do we get a kick out of it?

This is just organised limitation


Are we strong enough for our egos?

Is there room to give us space?


I am on my own

Because I sent everybody else away

No one knows how to take me

Without being told

You are on your own

Because you sent everybody else away

No one knows how to take you

Without being told

We can no longer differ from the mainstream

'Cause we're insisting on a distinct minority

When finally everybody's different

Will we be the same again?

With emancipation-labelled foreheads

We proudly present our disintegrity

No box seems shapeless enough

For us to fit in<br />

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